Back from the dead

A year ago, we went on summer vacation.

Then everything went crazy for our little game company, Cape, and Mr Shoe and Mr Void have been booked solid on other projects since then.
We never abandoned the game, and we certainly never planned to leave EE without updates for an entire year, but sometimes stuff happens, and that’s unfortunately how things turned out.

We’re sorry about that. We know you love EE, and want development to continue on it.

Fortunately, both Mr Shoe and Mr Void are close to being finished on their long projects, and we will start working on EE again for a little while, starting with fixing the worst bugs.

We will also discuss how we will continue with EE development in the future, and let you all know what we’re going to do, as soon as we know.





22 thoughts on “Back from the dead

  1. I am very happy that Everybody Edits will hopefully resume being updated. I’ve been playing EE since the start, and I am a true fan of the game. I have devoted a large amount of time and money to EE, and it kills me to see lobbies that were once filled with thousands of friendly players, now lucky to get over 100.

    Please moderators, take better care of this game, and restore it back to the one I remember from a few years ago.

  2. What do you mean by a LITTLE while? We’ve been waiting more than a year for another update, let’s hope it’s more than a little while! I’ve been playing EE since fall of 2010 and I remember the 1.5k people that would be online on a daily basis. Now I rarely even see 300 people on. If you hard-working mods and admins don’t do something soon, EE will most likely die, and we don’t want that to happen!


  3. majoralex says:

    Hello, I am a very old player (Username: Alex). I have just returned to Everybody Edits and I have also introduced some of my friends to this game. Unfortunately when I returned to Everybody Edits, there does not seem to be many players online. There are hardly any open worlds open, there used to be at least over twenty. A year or two ago, there were thousands of players online, now you only see around two hundred players online. I think that removing the guest login option from the game got rid of many players. I know that removing the guest login option stoped guest bombs, however, this has created an issue where people cannot try the game without having to create an account. Some children do not have an email address, others do not even know what an email address is.

    I really hope that you can make the game popular again. This game was once extremely popular, it would be amazing if it could be restored to its former glory. I do not want to see this game die.

    P.S. I have not seen Benjaminsen, Cyclone and Toby in a while. Do they still develop the game?

  4. I’m so relieved to see that everybodyedits resurrected, I never wanted the game to decease! But I also have a really cool suggestion! If you have permission, there can be a command where you can give a potion effect to any player (or everyplayer) in the game! It’s so simple, but you can like make someone start a curse or something without using a potion!

    But that might be cheating?

  5. That’s cool to hear, guys! Hey, lastly. I have no PC (But i have monitor) for a problem, and I miss my friends. If you can… ¿May you make a EE for Mobil? Like Android, Iphone… If you can, thanks, I would play it all time.


  6. MRSHOE and MRVOID i amso glad you back from locations and you guys will do new stuff but i must to tell you guys, i must be a moderator becuz i have a creature for new smileys and block!!! ^_^ so plz i want be moderator to help you guys!!! thanks for listening!!!

  7. MRSHOE and MRVOID MY username is ROBERTIKKKKK and plz turn on me moderator mode to creature new smileys and blocks, i cant in Creature make new stuff becuz i m not moderator… so plz mrshoe and mrvoid plz guys make me moderator. Thanks for listening guys…! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. I’m here to report a serious problem, which made me very sad: Hello Mr.Void, Mr.Shoe, Benjaminsen, Rpgmaster2000 and Toby, please, there was a bug in the game that pulled my valuable items: Big spender, Beta and Fanboy, please email me these blocks again! I have proof that I had these blocks, I really need them! Came out of my pocket! Please give me the Beta, Big spender and fanboy again. If you want to see more evidence, please find me in Everybody edits I’m playing with the name Amdphenomiix4 unfortunately is a little shared account. Or send an email to: talking about the bug of my blocks.
    Thank you.

  9. dear makers of everybodyedits,

    can you make it so that people can use all blocks in open worlds again? nobody plays in them anymore since you reduced the amount of use-able blocks, just check it out.

    greeting from Tom

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