Everybody Edits Halloween 2011 Contest!

It's time for a new competition!

As most of might have heard already at this point, it’s time for another contest to begin! Who can reap the grand prizes and become the ultimate Halloween champion of 2011? Signing up will be done in a separate topic that can be found right here. Sign up your teams before 24 October!

And now for the rules…


1st place ( 1 – 4 ): Pumpkin smilies (lit, unlit), Golden trophy

2nd place ( 5 – 8 ): Pumpkin smilies (lit, unlit)

3rd place ( 9 – 12 ): Pumpkin smiley (unlit)

Finalists: Honorable mentions and links from the blog.


17- 24 October: Enter your teams! (Signing your team MUST be in the forum topic)

24 – 31 October: Create your levels!

1 – 14 November: Judging begins! (NOTE: This is only a window, not a definitive date for when judging ends. We expect it to be done sooner.)


– You MUST sign up your team before 24 October, or else you will not qualify for the contest.

– Only 5 creators per team at most. You are however free to be only one creator, if you wish to do so.

– Being in more than 1 team simultaneously is NOT allowed.

– Signing up will be done in the official forums. Click here to go directly to the topic.


– The completed map MUST be Halloween-themed or else it will be disqualified.

– Animated/autobuilded/imported levels will instantly be disqualified.

– Make sure that you’re making the level on a world that can be accessed by non-betas as well.

– Minimum world size must be 200 x 200 (Edit: 400 x 50 wide worlds are now okay since they still have quite a lot of space to work with)

– If any of the following items are included in your map, it will be disqualified to ensure that all entries are of high quality:

  • Smilies
  • Sprite art from other games
  • Imported/animated art
  • Bosses
  • Stairs

– Levels will be assessed and judged based on these specific aspects:

  • Quality of artwork and visuals
  • Quality of minigames
  • Challenge
  • Fun factor
  • Originality


– Art and minigames should blend in seamlessly with each other. What this means is that we’d for example prefer not to see a bunch of completely black Minigame boxes surrounding a piece of beautiful art. Make them blend together!

NOTE: Do not sign your team up in the comments of this blog post. An official team roster topic can be found here. Thank you.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them in this blog post.

60 thoughts on “Everybody Edits Halloween 2011 Contest!

  1. And how can I join a team? I want to compete! This is the first contest that has been released that I have seen. Please I want to compete and suggest me a good team I can join 🙂 thanks if you do!

  2. Awesome,
    anyway I would like to know something,
    Can I do all of the level and have my friends just give ideas?
    or do all members have to help create the level?(I’m guessing ideas and testing is ok though)
    and does the trophy do anything?

  3. Can can i create my own group? Do I sign them up here? Is there a limit on how big it is? Finally can I have stuff like a dont move around the pumpkin?
    Does it have to be halloween blocks from the package?

    • 1. Yes
      2. No, in the forums. The link can be found 3 times in this blog post.
      3. It needs to be at least 200×200 in size
      4. You can pretty much have whatever you like as long as it follows the rules.
      5. No, it’s not neccesary.

  4. gogosboy says:

    rpgmaster2000, when will the judges come because i need to have my world open don’t I? Also, did you say that i couldn’t make smiley art? (I have one in my level, :D).

      • What about, smileys that do not exist in the game? I mean basicly people sometimes make up random smileys, for instance, a zombie style smiley (that’s a sort of hallowe’eny type thing)?

      • No, wait, ignore the thing about editing my world it turns out it has 9 bosses, a maze, a mad playground thing, a race, a 3 part AFK roller coaster, 6 “hotel” rooms and (unfortunatly) only 20 minigames. Oh and there’s also a map-wide contest/easter egg thing.

  5. hey, rpg master 2000, what will happen to all the smileys the people win in the contests, will they be released one of this days?? or will they be only for the people who winned forever?? (its because i want all the smileys of the game)

  6. RPGmaster2000,I have a question.Can I use my beta world that i just got?And also,I got Beta and i only got 1 world.Idk why i dont have the other 2 but I just want to know.Thank you very much!


  7. linkeuiswampert says:

    Are we allowed to have multiple accounts by the same person on the same team, assuming it doesn’t reach the maximum amount?

    • Even if you’re a backup team, there’s a big chance that you’ll make it in to the contest since most of the 200 signed up teams don’t even submit their levels in time. That’s when backup teams take their place.

  8. I havent found out how this contest works. Is it only the first 200 teams who can submit and win and then if a team dont submit a backup team can then submit their world or how does it work?

  9. NO FAIR I SIGNED UP WITH MY FRIEND FOR THE 3D CREW BUT IT SAID I DIDN’T SIGN UP AT ALL MY FRIEND IS 3MIKE231 AND I WANTED TO SIGN UP WITH HIM WHICH I DID BUT RPGMASTER SAID I DIDN’T SIGN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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