Official Easter Competition 2011!

It's time for the second round!

We’ve decided to announce a new competition for you guys so you can make some new amazing levels for us to play.  If you feel that you’ve got what it takes to win, then by all means sign up!

And the theme of this contest is… EASTER 2011!

What this means is that the level must be Easter themed, or else it will not qualify for this contest. Once the contest ends 14 april, a panel of judges will decide what 10 levels will make it to the finals. So take your best shots and make the single most epic easter level ever made!


1st place (1 – 5)1000 max energy to every player in the winning teams + Bunny smiley! + Secret smiley… ?

2nd place (6 – 10): 500 max energy to every player in the winning teams! + Bunny smiley!


2- 7 april: Enter your teams! (Signing your team MUST be in the forum topic)

7 – 14 april: Create your levels!

14 – 21 april: The judging begins!


– You MUST sign up your team before 7 april, or else you will not qualify for the contest.

– Only 5 creators per team at most. You are however free to be only one creator, if you wish to do so.

– The completed map MUST be Easter-themed or else it will be disqualified.

– Being in more than 1 team is NOT allowed.

– Animated/autobuilded/imported levels will instantly be disqualified.

– Make sure that you’re making the level on a world that can be accessed by non-betas as well.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them in this blog post as the team roster topic will be posted tomorrow in the forums.

NOTE: Do not sign your team up in the comments of this blog post. An official team roster topic will be made in the forums tomorrow. Thank you.

P.S, this is not an April Fools prank, it’s the real deal. 😉

ALSO: To clarify why there’s no 3rd place: There will be 5 first place winners and 5 second place winners.

187 thoughts on “Official Easter Competition 2011!

  1. ST says:

    I hope I win this one. 😀
    I’m not the best one making levels anyway… There are people better than me that are problably going to win 😦

  2. It says you HAVE to sign up BEFORE april 2nd AND you have to sign up in a certain topic witch is being made on april 2nd AND it ALSO says: “2- 7 april: Enter your teams!”. I’m stumped.

  3. Link says:

    ” You MUST sign up your team before 2 april, or else you will not qualify for the contest.”

    “2- 7 april: Enter your teams! (Signing your team MUST be in this topic)”

    “An official team roster topic will be made in the forums tomorrow.”

    Very confusing!
    So, do we have till the 7th to enter our teams into the contest, or tomorrow…?
    Also, if it’s tomorrow, that’s impossible… Since you said you cant enter it here, it has to be on a forum post, which will apparently be posted tomorrow…

    I think you should extend this to the 3rd of April [Asia time], to accomodate people in the US, being behind SEVERAL hours…

  4. tomkazaz says:

    CHrisssss !!!!! its the most unfeir thing you have ever done to us !! like the limited Xmas and new year decorations and smileys !!
    its sooo not feir that only few players (from 2000 a day) will get these smileys… i cant talk to anyone and have a team, and i wont be chosen by people or i will and they will forget me !!!
    ohhh fine chris- keep make this game to the most horrible thing in the world !!!…. im telling you- players will start to quit this game… maybe me too after standing in your side when people were angry at you….

  5. I’ll apply soon, just can’t give you the link yet because EE’s playing up for me ATM.

    Name: Easter activities (couldn’t really think of a name xD)
    Builders: Only me for now, will get some more soon though.

  6. supadorf24 says:

    Huzzah! My 25 x 25 world will blow everyone’s mind when I’m done! Kidding, of course. My team of 1 (me, duh) has a super-secret strategy that will win the contest for sure. 😛

  7. myndrios says:

    ummm I don’t think anyone will wanna be in a team with me so can I have 5 genetically altered robotic like me’s to build it? plus I have no world building skills, I’m only artistic in reallife…

  8. Will there be an alternate way to win those Smileys? Or to buy them?
    Everything would be okay with me even buying with real money, lol. 😛

    I think it’s just unfair for people who actually fail in building but really want to collect smileys instead (No I’m not referring to me. Oh damn, I am)

  9. snootymatt says:

    Two questions:
    1. Why is the forum upside down?
    2. I’m assuming that the entry thread on the forum is up tomorrow, am i right?

  10. u shud have the secret smiley be sumthing very cool so tht every1 tht doesnt win 1st will be made (then tell 2nd place winners the were 1 vote away)!!!

  11. Link says:

    I got a question to one of the admins/mods…
    We have a REALLY good artist on our crew/team [FST Team], he does everything by hand, he doesn’t cheat at all… A lot of people have mistaken his art as cheated-on… And I’m curious, if he works on creating a fantastic Easter level for this competition, would we be disqualified because his skill looks like it was cheated (as people say)? Or is there something else we could do to show his work is legitly drawn-by-hand? I could use HyperCam to record him working on it, to prove its legit art… But it would probably be several hours long, and several GB in size…

    • You wouldn’t need to record it, just take screenshots at regular intervals. If you have been accussed of animating when you really haven’t animated, document your progress somehow.

    Easter is a religious holiday and I am slightly offended that you’re giving away prizes for making a level based around a religious holiday. Especially such a BS one as easter.

    Also, why’s there a tiny smiley face on the bottom of this page, in the center?

    • jojatekok says:

      “Also, why’s there a tiny smiley face on the bottom of this page, in the center?”

      That should be an Easter egg 😀

  13. nobodyismeabcdefghijkl says:

    if someone have more than 500 max energy, and then get into the second place, they lost some of the max energy? :/

  14. Rpgmaster, can you help me? EE hasn’t been working for me lately… actually, it hasn’t been working for a couple months… I tried emailing Chris, but no reply… I really want to enter this contest, please help!

  15. Okay, I wanna make my team (Not registering it Now)
    Its gonna be called the “BUNNEH Crew”
    Reply to my comment is you wanna join. (MUST be alright at art)

  16. is there a team i may join? im zervexon2. im a great artist, i can nearly build anything, and i dont get mad unless you troll. 😀 the only smileys i dont have are girl smiley and beta smileys, plus the Easter ones. lemme know if i can join!

  17. JadElClemens says:

    Looking forward to this. I MUST win in order to complete my quest to have all smileys and bricks… err, ever. Perhaps with the exception of Superman, of course.

  18. I think secret smiley and bunny smiley should be on shop costing (if not energy) gems after the competition. It’s unfair just the winners get the smiley, nobody else. – My opinion.

  19. Sounds cool.
    Hey RPGMaster,
    What if I get someone else’s opinion on my level, but that person doesn’t edit anything? Do they count as a team member? Even if they had the code and didn’t edit a thing?

  20. Suppose I make a level all by myself and make it into the top 10. Can I choose four people to give to receive the winner’s prize?.

    The main reason for asking this is that I feel that I would have a disadvantage as compared to other players. I’m wondering if a judge would pick a slightly worse map made by multiple people over a better map made by only one person. If I was a judge, I’d want to give as many people as possible prizes.

    P.S. Would it be better to make my name on my map (to possibly make it easier for the judges) or to leave it out and just keep it on the forums?

    Thanks, -Pike270

    • No, that won’t be possible with the way the contest is structured. The deadline for signing up a team is 7 april, and once that’s done, the people in your team will be the only ones to get the prize. However, you can nominate whoever you like before that as long as they haven’t already signed on with their own team.

    • Hey, can I join? if you didn’t see my comment up there, I copied it: ‘Can I join? I’m zervexon2. I’m a great artist, I can build nearly anything, and I don’t get mad unless you troll. 😀 The only smileys I dont have are: the girl smiley, beta smileys, and the Easter ones. Let me know if I can join!’

  21. moneys123 says:

    umm, how do you enter? and if 3 people on one account count as three people???

    The World name is: Easter Hunt
    The list of people in the team:Teheable123

  22. i think that there should be a bigger capacity than 100(like the new years competition), because everybody edits is more popular and lots more people want to enter than the last competition.

  23. NOOOOO!!!!! IMA BANNED!!!!! CAN YOU PLEASE UN-BAN ME SO I CAN HELP?!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I’LL BE GOOD!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! BTW: What is the dose the secret smiley look like?
    maksy 😉

  24. Ohbby~ I hope to be one of the 5 of first, but I guess I’ll hve alot of Competition. It’s going to be pretty Hard soloing, But it’s better for me this way ;] Hope to see what other great levels you guys come up with, Good Luck to everyone!

  25. Hello people ^^ , i am not good at english so i can’t understand , where to post the World xDD , so i’ll but here , and when something is wrong ( -.- , xD ) , let me know 😛 ,

    World name : ”Easter Egge World”
    World address :
    World Makers : ‘ACE’ Crew , 2 Members
    Usernames : ‘kkarel’ (me) , ‘purvaik’ ( ofcourse names without ” : ) .

  26. @eechocolatecake: oh and i started my own team it’s called MagicEaster I’m the only one on it so far. So you can join!
    sorry i misunderstood your post at first I thought you had a team

    • nobodyismeabcdefghijkl says:

      – Make sure that you’re making the level on a world that can be accessed by non-betas as well.

  27. Guys i heard chris is leaveing in 9 days DONT GO CHRIS!!! ps i think someone told me that im going to be adimin so i am the boss of the game. But thats not until the 9 days but chris still i dont want you to go very badly. :[

  28. luidog2011 says:

    Seriously? If you don’t get the award smileys in the contest you will never ever ever have another chance to get them?

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