Todays ultimate fans

Congratulations to sezgin, sniper5, smaland47, tylerwatts, slick, masterfireball, neotia, mop, nielsb, thip, taffelnator, supermarioman639, marioboy, eefansforever, legolover2000, edit94, leggomyeggo, tangerinemadeness, king9908, tonypro, shisusu, marioman, chappuis, hydros98, margotchap, barthou0, ganig, gamer36, mike720, giga, slayer991702 and stranger004 for getting the ultimate fan smiley.

35 thoughts on “Todays ultimate fans

  1. xxjmasterxx says:

    wow well done for getting a fanboy smiley sezgin, sniper5, smaland47, tylerwatts and well im not gunna write all the names but you get the point. But im not gunna get the fanboy.
    P.S. this is my first comment 😀

  2. glauberchaos says:

    hey Chris, will you make a beta client for download? the windows “download to you computer” just have the free version. thanks 😀

  3. lulian1 says:

    Hey Chris,can you do cat and dog bricks?
    they are regular bricks, drawn on them any kind of pet,and when you touch it it goes with you anywhere,oh and it becomes your pet.

  4. Hey Chris i have a interesting idea, you might have already thought about this, but what about making use for the blue coins? Because ive seen a lot of players ignoring them anyway. Like the opposite effect of the gold coin blocks, making blocks appear instead? The same you did with the key blocks.

  5. lulian1 says:

    Hey Chris, Can You do more colors for keys and locks and gates like yellow, pink, BLACK, light brown. So How do ya like it Chris?

    Oh! and do not forget to write whats new in beta or public.

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