Beta is live – Earn Beta & PRO for free.

As most of you have already noticed I just released Beta

This is a minor release that introduces the first few background changes needed to get chat working.

Additionally this update also introduces SuperRewards as a payment method for Beta & PRO. SuperRewards allows you to earn EE Coins which in turn can be used to buy Beta & PRO. To get started simply goto, login and click Earn EE Coins

This is how it looks in game:

151 thoughts on “Beta is live – Earn Beta & PRO for free.

  1. Shesiressu says:

    I can’t see anything changed on 😡

    I login with facebook, but nothing has changed. BTW, whats the difference between PRO & BETA ?

    • update's hooray says:

      yea same here what if u have beta and get the coins? and will u make the coin bricks update next?

      p.s. im changing my wordpress name to afromonkey 😀

  2. zoey2070 says:

    wtf is this shit? Oh, herp derp, pay 5 dollars for smileys. Pay any amount for Smileys. Pay 10 dollars for Beta. Pay 9.95 for beta. Get beta free by getting a bunch of spam in your inbox!
    rusrs? Wow, you’re ripping people off now, aren’t you? Let people get stuff for free that other people paid for!

    • The price is the same as it has always been. 10$, you are just able to pay those 10$ in more ways than with PayPal – herein you are able to earn access by completing offers (Like games on Facebook).

      It’s very much not a scam and the first 19 people have already got Beta access using the EE Coins option.

  3. Brad says:

    Whens the chat coming out? And is it only for beta? That would be annoying because you could talk to nonbetas but they can’t reply. It would defeat the purpose.

  4. den3107 says:

    chris my coins won’t come (yes i know the 15 min slowe stuff)
    or do you need to stay at the site ’till those 15 mins are over?

  5. This is…Ugh… PRICEY!
    Kids can’t get to the beta by collecting EE coins from the public EE.
    I have a suggestion:
    You will get 20 EE coins for each 10 normal and 10 blue coins. You need to get both of them so you will make 20 EE coins.
    So the kids can have fun.
    Let that children have fun in the beta by doing this!
    Please,1 million please!

  6. im noty understand waht to do ! its not free ! im still need to buy it.. :O
    im login and he said im need to earn EE coins.. how?
    or buy it.. and im not want to buy it !

  7. eefan says:

    well if we have to pay for the EE coins we won’t earn beta for free. and when will the free users be able to save worlds and have the extra smileys and blocks?

  8. jojatekok says:

    Chris! Will there be an option on Kongregate (and Facebook etc.) to link BETA/PRO to existing account? Because it’s really annoying (on Kong) to open 2 windows: 1 to chat with my friends and 1 to play with my BETA/PRO account

  9. Fuck you says:

    Thanks a lot, asshole. I gave this company all my fucking information and then when I call them, they are like “LAWL SORRY BUT YOU ARENT ELLIGBLE GOODBYE.”

    Never coming to your website again. Fuck off.

  10. Blueeyes says:

    Well, I’m already beta, But Please make chat! I’d like it if we could have chat like roblox, and I was thinking, could you make EE 3D? that would be awesome! also, if you buy beta before the PRO update does that mean that you wont get new updates? Sorry for the long post!

  11. IceBoii says:

    hi i have a problem i’m now a beta member (hoorayy XD) i bought the 100 ee coins but i can’t change the smiley i want the smiley with the sunglasses but when i’m in a room it dont work when i’m in my own room it works can someone help me pls? (sry for my bad english i’m from germany ^^)

  12. Matheus says:

    Chris you are a rogue!
    You want us to be wasting energy balance for a business that is not possible to happen (wait for EE coins)

  13. superater says:

    Do the challenge and then you earn coins.(EE coins)
    I need 97 more EE coins.
    By doing a challenge.
    But my dad wont pay for it neither my mom and I’m 7 years old and after 4 months I’m gonna be 8 years old.

  14. Hunter says:

    I don’t know how to send anything to those guys, but, is it possible that when you take them off, you can go to my account and get me the beta they messed me up on? The thing was car insurance, and if I keep doing it, credit goes down, as well as the others, so I am limited. If you will do that, I will sned you a message with my account’s info. The offer’s name is: Free quick quotes on car insurance. It actually gives 112 gems, so I messed up by posting 113 :l

  15. Dragon Of War says:

    Chris,can you please help me?I am just a kid,I tried to do the surveys but all of them won’t allow me to…And i don’t think my parents will pay 9.95$ for me in a computer game…Can you please make some easy surveys for me???I really need the Beta..I love the game so much but i just can’t save it,make new emotions in-game to show another people my emotion or anything else of beta…Can you make beta free or make some easy 100 Gems survey for kids??Please?

  16. gitan says:

    Je suis Francais , mon monde qui s’apelle mario vs minigame Que j’ai sauvegarder n’ai plus acécible

    Je voudrais bien pouvoir i acéder stadir avoir god mod et mais smylet vip

    Merci d’avoir lu

  17. Jeffburtonfan says:

    before I ask, I’ll just say I looked through the posts and haven’t found anything else with this problem.

    How exactly do you get gems? I clicked on one of those surveys (about auto insurance :P), completed it, and nothing happened. Do I have to do anything extra to get the gems, or did I just get unlucky and got screwed over by a few of these surveys?

  18. Jeffburtonfan says:

    oh, now that I post, I see that everyone’s having these problems, and that the most recent post goes at the bottom of the page instead of the top >.>

  19. Hunter says:

    Chris, is there a way to sned you my account info so i can get my 112 gems/ have my beta activated? Plz respond, as I have waited for 6 days to get my gems.

  20. Dragon Of War says:

    Well,Chris,can’t you just make some surveys/call people that is for children?I am 10 years old and I can don’t have a credit card to pay for a game,i tried to beg my mother to buy it for me but she said NO because she doesn’t buy internet games for me,she can buy some Toy R Us toys for me but I don’t like them..Can you have a another free option of payment?Example:Play EE Chellange to win BETA,you are in a level that Chris created,there is 100 coins in there and you need to collect them all in a certain ammount of time.If you fail,you need to try all over again.Can you make that?I really need the BETA,I made many good 500 plays + map but I can’t save them…All lost of a afford..

  21. Dizzyslapper says:

    Hi im a little confused on how to get EE coins. When I go to the sight theres only stuff called Gems or I have to buy it. So I don’t know what to do I really don’t want to buy it because I don’t have a credit card or anything. I also don’t like using pay pal and stuff because its to confusing for me. So is there a way I could get free EE coins or Gems?

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