Status update – Facebook and Security

On wednesdayย Player.IO – the technology platform powering Everybody Edits – released a new API called Sitebox which make Facebook Applications development practically easy. Given this new toy, to play with, I decided to diverge from the todo and put some effort into creating a real Everybody Edits Facebook experience.

The result of this work is now online and can be seen here:
If you like Everybody Edits, do me a favor and go invite all your friends!

Sadly an already existing and fairly known website have already registered the application url /EverybodyEdits/ so I had to go with the less impressing /everedits/. I am currently petitioning Facebook to have the other application removed.

As part of the update I had to convert Everybody Edits to use the new OAuth based Facebook API a process that turned out to be a little more complicated than expected. I therefore apologize to everybody who have experienced issues with Facebook authentication over the past few days!

While rewriting the authentication code I also ran into a pretty bad security error that allowed anybody to become rainbow gods. Apparently a few people (Impressive) had found the flaw before me, which accounting for a lot of Admin abuse reports. The good news is that this flaw is now fixed.

153 thoughts on “Status update – Facebook and Security

  1. EE is the best! says:

    ….Please stay on track.Even though some people would like that, you made a poll for a reason!You made a list for a reason!Just please continue with the list, because chat is more important that Facebook!Although I’m glad the mod glitch is fixed, please, again, say on track!

  2. adamholbert says:

    im glad that your updating but as yo uknow everybody has wanted chat so no mater what can you promise that you will make a chat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mouse says:

    Cool Idea, I don’t have Facebook though.

    Two ideas:

    One – is it possible to have it so you can time a brick to appear and disappear at a customizable interval like once every two or three seconds. This would be a nice addition to the manually disappearing key blocks.

    Two – Can you play everybody edits with a game controller? I know there are some you can buy. It would be cool to play it like an nes or something.

  4. willard b says:

    Hey Chris does player IO run on google chrome? Oh and to any one reading this I told you it’s not that easy to be a programer. (look @ the easy link in the blog post)

  5. When you make the chat, you should add some commands such as :

    /help : Adds facts like hotkeys, etc
    /voteban : (Requires Username or Beta Program) Bans a person from world, making that person unable to enter the map, bans will have a time when they will be able to re-enter the map. About 1 hour, 30 seconds, 24 hours, 2 hours, etc.
    /votekick : Kicks a player, which meaning the player is booted, but the player can re-enter the map.
    !rtd : (Roll The Dice), gives the player special effects for a duration of 60 seconds. If the player does not have code, the god mode button appears and hotkey is enabled. Also, the player has No-clip (The player can get out of the map, even out the mini-map and grey blocks around it. Though, when the effects disable, the player lands in a random spot, and if it is filled, it keeps moving until there is a safe and not covered spot.
    /equip : The player can press 1, 2 or 3 for a custom smiley. 1 : Equip a hat (Hats : Pedobear hat, Captain Falcon, Kirby, Daft Punk Model, Smiley with Guitar, and Awesome Face.) 2 : Un-equip hat : Un-equips the players hat. 3 : Insane Smiley Button AKA Rick Roll.
    /members : Shows a list of admins, moderators, and members. People who can manage them are only people that are Beta Program members.
    /zoom and /unzoom, zooms in the screen, making it harder to see everything but bigger smiley, (Or add Zoom button. Much easier.)

    And also some other things a Beta Program member can access :

    When Chris thinks about game modes, beta program members can make a vote on changing it. 1 : Yes. 2 : No. Also, no zombies or guns. The game is supposed to be non-violent. Also, curse words will be replaced with : Example, somebody mother****ing trolled my map! (Only included in chat. Does not work with Kongregate, Kongregate manages that.)

    And things that a regular member (From Facebook, a guest, or Kongregate Member,) can access :

    Kongregate Members get free bricks that come with the Beta Program.

    Facebook Members get free beta programs (Includes everything, I mean it.)

    Guests can get free notes to set next to the mini-map, a little notepad thing they can write on. They can also set the notes on the map, also no text formatting, only colors. The format is Arial. Beta program members get to change format, doesn’t include it with Facebook members.

    Also, some things you get when you download it, YOU GET FREE BETA!

    ~Pull45, (Chris, add this to make better things.)

    P.S – Bots, Server ID’S, Server Tags, and System would be great.


    I – How To Spawn Bots

    II – How To Set Up Server ID’S and Server IP code.

    III – How to Use System

    IV – Setting Spawns with System (How people enter the world, where they enter.)

    LAST – How to use Server Tags and what are they for


    Basically, you must type this in the System. (Hotkey : ~). sv_cheats_1 turns spawning on, cheats on and custom traits. bot_spawn_3 <– How many bots you want to spawn. Bots basically follow players, they do not set blocks. Only admins can use System. However, the maximum bot spawn depends on how many people are in the map.

    Example :

    System booted. Type a command or type /help for new users to the system.
    Reading player information…Admin found. Access cleared.
    Cheats turned on. Type a cheat command or custom traits to spawn/enable.
    Bot spawned. Target : Example222
    All bots erased. Resynchronizing…
    Error : Cannot spawn bots. Reason : Maximum bots : 1 bot. You can spawn more bots when more people enter the map.
    Clearing data…
    Gravity decreased. You are able to jump higher.
    Gravity reset.
    All users can now use the system. Type system_all_disable to undo changes.
    System reset.
    Example891 has entered the map. Bot spawning increased.

    That's how the system is.


    First of all, your server is given an IP code.

    Example :

    A Server ID is the name of server. When it is entered, you can add a custom picture to go with it. Beta Programs can only change the IP address and save servers. IP addresses are only random codes. If the IP address is changed, the server is rebooted, making everybody out of the world. All bricks will stay, only the people are gone. Only the admin or moderators are there. The Server ID is the name of the map, when you first enter the map, you must select a smiley, the smileys with a shadow on them is for Beta Program members. If you click on it, it transfers you to the Beta Program website if you don't have it. A description is on each smiley. Beta program smiley descriptions are hidden, only a Beta Program member can view them. Also, you will have levels.

    Example :

    Service Record

    USERNAME : Pull45

    Password : *********

    Level : 10

    Rank : 70 Day Trainee

    Each member has a service record. They're password is covered with *'s, a rank is to show what you are. And basically… Here's Chris's record.

    USERNAME : Chris

    Password : No password for you =3

    Level : ???

    Rank : Admin

    Continued on next comment.


      The system resynchronizes every certain command you say. In how to spawn a bot, you are given some ways how it works. This is how it ACTUALLY is. This is the real idea, so these are some changes with the system.

      Example 2 (Because most of it is explained at part I.)

      System rebooted. Type a command or type /help for more info.
      Scanning for admin profile…Done. Access cleared.
      God mode turned on. Type godmode again to disable it.
      God mode disabled.
      Players that enter the map land here. Type remove_spawn to remove the spawn.
      Type a sentence and record how to beat the challenge. Type record when your ready.
      Access denied. Please type a sentence first.
      Jump over a platform.
      Record is now enabled. Press start to start recording.
      Recording started. Type record_stop to stop recording.
      Recording stopped. Type view to view the challenge.
      Challenge picture opened in new tab.

      That’s how it is. More explained when I open the website when I feel like making it.

      IV : Credits

      Thanks to Chris with the idea of the Beta Program. It gave me many ideas. Don’t give credit to me, idea explained on Yahoo! Answers.

      P.S.S – I didn’t use number IV because it was explained with System. Instead, I named it credits.

    • willard b says:

      Uh, I doubt chris will read that. Because he doesent want to read something that sophistacated (or so I have aquired that opinion). He most likley wants it short and sweet.

  6. magicmimc says:

    Will Facebookers get extra features? ‘Cause I dunno if I should get the Facebook or normal account.
    Oh! And I have forgot my password for my EE account (and there is no forgot password button).


  8. adamholbert says:

    ok me again.
    Chris can you go to your nonoba profile and look at your inbox because i have been sending alot of ideas and i dont think you have seen and or herd them and some of thes are good ideas.
    my name on nonoba is well my anme on hear. lol

  9. willard b says:

    Hy chris you need to make a money goal to rais enough money to update the server (it cant take 4000+ plays per day) ++ Every one agreeing to this reply lets make this a petition to chris to update the server!

  10. Danskeren der ser dagens mand :D says:

    Upss Stavefejl (Hej jeg sรฅ dig lige i Dagens Mand) ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Og undskyld hvis jeg har skrevet den her bedsked to gange er det fordi jeg ikke helt kan finde ud af det her Blog system. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Sprremix says:

    “Apparently a few people (Impressive)”

    Impressive? we are all fair players, except the people that are using level build programs (take EXcrew as a example)
    Why whould we try to hack this oh so good game?
    We all play this game to relax, win, build or just to own other players
    but the last thing we whould do is harm this site including the staff in ANY way ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the best,

  12. Jasmine says:

    Chris can you make like the people that have beta change their email? Please some people hacked into my beta account! D:
    Please help!

  13. Jordan says:

    omg its chris!!! im a big fan of you! everybody edits is my 2nd favorite game! i โ™ฅ you and your game! i cant believe i can talk with you!

  14. the first gamer says:

    maybe you can make a e.e. animator program that saves an animation and then there would be a button in your world saying upload animation… and you could make one with the program and then save the file then upload it.
    sound good?

  15. ril2 says:

    Im a big fan of EE and me and my brother thought of some ideas for the BETA game
    and we will be so happy if you will think about naking them in EE2.

    *an option of choosing how much X how much pixels (bricks) your room will be.
    *names, an option that you will be able to press on a smilly and see his username.
    *crews. as you probably seen, people are making themselfs crews and stuff, so my suggestion is that you will be able to make a crew and name it, and then (if you’re a betta) you will have an extra saved room that every username you enter, will be able to log in there and be an admin.
    *kicks, kicks, kicks… if there are trollers, cheaters, laggers or any other stuff, i want an option that will let me kick players and even ban them from my server.
    *most important! a “clear level” button which will clear your saved level in a sec.
    *an option that i will be able to click there and make my non saved level and replace it with my saved level
    *that the admin of the server (if hes not at godmode of course) will be able to change his minimap color. it will make the game so much easier
    *more colors of keys,
    *a door that can be only opened by GETTING a key, then you can get a key, open it and then get more keys!
    *a brick that opens when you get all of the coins!
    *remove the stupid blue coins
    *teleports (i heard that you are gonna put teleports, that will be soooo cool)
    *graphic bricks. brick in a lot of cool patterns and colors that will malke the backgrung prettier! (a non touchabled bricks)



    • David says:

      Some comments on your comments (though most of them are good).

      1.) Changing the room size: I think that would just make it harder for the system to handle, and also it means you can’t expand the level if you get more ideas for it. If you want to make it smaller then just draw a box where you want the usable area to end.

      2.) Names instead of e-mail addresses: YES! This will make things a LOT easier for building the chat feature, for the system to keep track of players, and easier for overall gameplay too! If the name of a vandal shows up above their smiley then you will be able to kick them off more easily. It also is less of a security concern to use a username rather than your e-mail address in a chat window. You may or may not want to also require an e-mail address to prevent Sock Puppeting, where a person creates multiple accounts to circumvent a block. (See

      3.) Gangs: Personally, I haven’t seen much of this, and it may just be people coming together in that level. Something like this may also be used more by vandals too though. I think you should put this on the back shelf, but don’t forget about it.

      4.) Kicks: YES! You should DEFINITELY allow people to kick other people off. However, there should be some limits to this.
      A.) Non-Creator Admins will be able to vote that an unruly admin’s powers be taken. After a certain percentage of the group vote impeach, the admin’s powers will be removed until they are given the code again. In open worlds they will be removed for a set period of time.
      B.) Visitors (non-admins) may or may not be given voting power on impeaching admins, but if they do get it they should have much less say. They should not be given the power to kick fellow visitors out. They themselves will be kicked out if 3 admins vote kick.
      C.) Owners get absolute powers. They can de-admin players and kick out visitors in one swipe. They also cannot be impeached.
      I’m saying use percents so that non-owners can still get a say, but rogue admins can’t turn the tables and use it to kick everyone else off.

      5.) Clear level button: Good idea, but should only be usable by the level owner.

      6.) Load levels into existing rooms: If you want to load a new level you’d might as well open it in a separate room (though reverting a saved level to its original form might be a possibility).

      7.) “that the admin of the server (if hes not at godmode of course) will be able to change his minimap color. it will make the game so much easier”: I’m not sure what you mean by this. The colors on the minimap represent the blocks in the room. Can you explain what you mean?

      8.) More key colors: This might be a possibility, but any more than 4 and it starts to get confusing.

      9.) Keys you keep: I think that this one should be discarded in favor of the next feature. (The other problem with this is that you’d have to distinguish between temporary keys and the ones you keep.)

      10.) Coin-operated doors: This one is good, but you should make separate doors that open when you collect 10, 25, 50, 100, and all coins.

      11.) Removing the “stupid blue coins”: Sorry, but the “stupid blue coins” have already been a part of the game for some time now, and people aren’t going to be happy if they’re removed. Besides, it’ll help with #10!

      12.) Teleports: If they were teleports within the same level then that would be great. However, I’ve also heard some buzz about portals between 2 separate levels, which I don’t really like. For one thing, once you enter a level, you can’t go back and see the current list of levels, and also people could use arrows to force you into a teleport block out of the level.

      13.) Background blocks: Could be a possibility, but do all the other stuff first.

      • the truth says:

        (*remove the stupid blue coins)
        if you have been playing this game for a long time you would know that the siupid blue coins was a hack in the begaining and everyone loved them. kinda like the god mode at first it was a hack and now is apart of the game so deal with it. and since you have not been playing for a long time you have no say sry.

        the only resson that i say “you have not been playing for a long time” is because you would know that blue coins where wanted.

  16. jasmine says:


    • David says:

      In the “fill world” department I’d recommend just being able to set the default gravity when creating a new level (either down gravity or no gravity). If you fill the whole level with solid blocks then no-one will be able to move until you clear the way.

  17. Sully says:

    Hey chris, I have a few questions.
    1. How did you make the game. Coding? I’m really confused on how you make games online.
    2. I was wondering if I could email you one of my email adresses with my password and 10 dollars and you could register me (no credit card).
    3. I was wondering where i would send my idea for a new title screen. I have a really good picture.
    Thanks for reading!

  18. Personally, I was annoyed when you released the login with facebook to begin with. This update is meh as it’s nothing really special for the game.. just another place to play it

  19. Mouse says:

    The more I play this game, the more I think it wouldn’t like chat – what would people say to me? Hopefully there will be a way to hide the chat.

    Also, what if like paint you had one of those big color squares that allows you to make a block any color?

    • the truth says:

      i dont like you since the game was made there was two things that where wanted and the two things are:

      *locked rooms


      and well i think its not right to say that you dont think that something is good for a game that you havent even played for a long time. same for you wind ninja

  20. Edgar Rene Aponte Pineda says:

    Hi am new to facebook i wondered if i could do something like a button to erase password because some gambling earn the code and destroy their work and don’t know how i want this button good bye

  21. iYam says:

    Chris what’s up with the updates?!?!! You updated the game before a month but a small update before a week…
    We want the list!

  22. Agree’d I also think a chat would ruin the game, or appeal to no-one but trolls and with no real room management such as kicks/bans etc it will just be another feature to take advantage of.

  23. manboy777 says:

    hey chris umm a tum of great boss and art levels are getting messed up i fact i am watching one get messed up right now so do you think you could make like a banning thing for levels or make it so we can change our code for out levels e-mail me back


  24. Gamer36 says:

    Chris, STOP FOCUSING ON FACEBOOK! Ok yeah its a big social network but I mean only one quarter of the ppl who play Everybody Edits have a facebook account al the rest are kids who don’t have one (Like Me). What we want is updates on the game (the Todo list) not making it possible on facebook. if you want lots of players then do that later but if you don’t get updates out ppl will lose trust in you. WE WANT THOSE UPDATES! Just sayin

  25. Mouse says:

    I noticed that some people can make pure black blocks, like not the black block with the shiny corner, a pure black square. How do they do that? I can’t find that block on my panel.

    • willard b says:

      I’m rihgt there with you man. C’mon chris you don’t have to post the whole list at once. Just post what you have so far or post them one at a time! pleas chris

  26. bmaster says:

    WOW! He either doesn’t care for those who have payed their good money for beta (which isn’t even getting updates) or he is actually dead. Just post one tiny message to say your working on it for fucksake!

    • willard b says:

      Oh HELLow yes! Chris how long has it been since you even checked the blog replys?! Maby chris isn’t a fall/ winter person. Hell he could even be sick or yea dead for all we (the EE comunity) know! D:

  27. krayg says:

    OK Chris. Face it guys he has just abandoned EE… He don’t care no more. Or he has just put up a biger challenge than he can first thought

  28. wesso911 says:

    Well I got beta and i like to play EE on and i cant use my beta acount on kongregate and chat while building my level with people on kongregate so can you also add a log into acount on kongregate? Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Matthew McChristian says:


    • willard b says:

      Um, hmm let me think about that. NO! Get beta if you want a saved world. He isn’t evrer puting saved on the free version. Just think how much server storage and band width that would take. Do you want infanate lag wile playing EE?! (asumeing you said no) Yea that’s what I thought!! ๐Ÿ˜ก

    • the truth says:

      matthew i have something to tell you … SHUT UP and dont tell chris what to do with HIS game. if you have a problem with the game than dont play it. easy as abc 123

  30. it4040 says:

    if you want more pepole to play the game you need to release more updates and soon!
    and give users(not only beta members)at least save the level they made!

  31. the first gamer says:

    hey chris, i’m wanting to design more smiley sprites, but i need specs to work off of, like what program to use, what size the sprites need to be, etc.
    and i need to know where to email them to when i do get them done.

  32. it4040 says:

    i dont get it…
    whats so specil about users(not beta)theres no diffrance!
    sometimes when i play on other computer as guest i can do anything that users can!

      • the truth says:

        well yes it404 users are more fun bc when and if the chat ever comes out if you a guest you have no name and if your a user you have your name.
        p.s. its more fun when you buy the game.

      • update...when says:

        when will chris update the game with a new feature its been a month since E.E. has been updated and this thread has been up for longer. what are you doing thats taking so long? please tell me when the next update (should be) is.

  33. Thanks a lot for the interesting post guys, been following your blog for the past several months while trying to lose weight for my wedding on the Cambridge diet and it’s going really well. I’ve lost about 25 lbs in the past couple of months and this site has really inspired me to keep going. Great work.

    • thesadface says:

      If he makes beta public then where would he get the money to run everybody edits?
      And beta members paid 10 dollars for beta it would seem abit unfair, don’t ya think so?
      All they would get would be a smiley package which IMO isn’t worth the $10.
      However if Chris adds other functions to EE which are beta-only then I agree with your comment to make the current beta public sometime later.

  34. Nikki says:

    but what if the kids parents wont let them have beta? or if they dont got the money? – times are tough nowadays maybe we could like pay like 3 or 4 $ maybe we only pay when we can because if i was tough i would ask what MY viewers wanted not myself.

  35. it4040 says:

    i had a problem with creating a level:
    i was working on a level and and in after a few mins i couldnt drow and place blocks!
    my mouse was fine and i flyd in g mod pressd a few times on the block menu and it workd
    but still couldnt place block!
    ps i was plaing on firefox

  36. the truth says:

    chris im sry to say but death is near for the ee world.
    im hear with the cure and the cure is to upload new stuff. i didnt want to come to this but in 1 week i will post a new game that is like this but a little diffrent.dont forget in 1 week chris in 1 week.

    adam holbert

  37. bmaster says:

    lol dont get your hopes up for any kind of update/fix/anything from Chris ever again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    R.I.P Everybody Edits and possibly Chris too! (you never know)

  38. it4040 says:

    ok you know what he is right!!!
    we all trusted you chris!!!
    you arent fixing bugs not updating
    and even not answer us in the blog!
    R.I.P Everybody Edits!!!

    • update...when says:

      R.I.P. everybody edits chris probably either died or is workin on a really big update (or doing all of the updates and posting all at the same time)or he died :(| so Rest In Peace everybody edits (p.s. i play transformice to pass the time when he dont update so check that game out)

  39. evilmuffin says:

    two days later… now i understand. if chris hasn’t gotten into a coma then he must be working on SOMETHING so stop complaining about something you cant do anything about!!!!

  40. lucas says:

    chris benjami nao tem como se a beta sega na casa de todo mundo que joga 6 carinhas nao da certo 16 carinha chow e o brink beta menos goto my wold prefiro nao se pago eu prefiro se gratis

  41. digimonmaster2010 says:

    What percentage of users have paid for the chat feature so far? I am a parent wondering if other parents are bothering or if my child would be chatting only to a small number of kids whose parents helped them out…

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