Everybody Edits Announcement

Hey everyone!

We’ve been patiently waiting to make this announcement, and we’d like to let everyone know that the acquirement process has completed!
(A quick heads-up for those currently unaware: Everybody Edits was re-acquired by me as of April this year. Thank you, Nou!)

We are very excited to begin progress once again. In doing so, we fully intend to maintain transparency during the development process, with feedback guiding us along the way.

We are definitely looking forward to sharing our detailed plans in the upcoming weeks.
As with the changes in the near future, we would like to announce our newest additions to the team. I’d like to welcome Koya, MegaLamb and Phinarose!

Koya will be working alongside Toop, helping to develop and improve upon the designs and layouts, old and new within Everybody Edits.

Phinarose will be helping with moderation in place of Kira, as she is well respected and known in the community, and is capable of interacting with players in a friendly and respectful manner whilst also effectively dealing with in-game conflicts.

MegaLamb will be helping with moderation as well, with the patience and vigilance necessary to deal with the influx of reports, of which he meticulously described in his recent topic concerning the report system.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient. We’d love to hear your questions and comments, as well as address anything we may have missed here.

Feel free to reply below, and we’ll edit this post to reflect our replies!

The Everybody Edits Staff.

Pinch! It’s St.Patrick’s Day in EE!

A tiny holiday update has been made to celebrate the charming green holiday. The token of the season, the mischievous leprechaun, is finally here in smiley form!


This mythical Irish being comes with a small decorative pack, complete with the iconic shamrock, pot-of-gold, rainbows, and of course the horseshoe!

These items are limited time, after one month they will no longer be available in the energy shop.

Other fixes and features have been kindly added as a part of this update too:

– Fixed some RoomData issues.
– Fixed Q+E shortcuts for Multijump.
– Fixed owners getting locked out of crew worlds.

– Added a /forgive command so if someone mistakenly kicked a person they can instantly rejoin.
– Air block can now be placed on world border.
– Removed message limit for world owners (useful for bots, I guess).
– Crew members can now kick other players.

Patch 219.1: Fixes, changes and open worlds

Hi everybody! Here’s a small patch to fix a few bugs and change some things around.

– Christmas sounds are gone.
– Low Gravity worlds in the Mine tab are now displayed as 110×110 instead of 50×50.
– /ge and /re commands are no longer cAsE sEnSiTiVe.
– Some block tag fixes.

– Open worlds can now be created with a super secret edit key. Doing so enables god mode and drawing for those who
have edit rights.
– Instead of a block whitelist, there’s now a block blacklist for open worlds. Most building blocks are allowed now and most action blocks aren’t. Some are, though.
– Your own worlds will only show up in the Mine tab unless there are players in it.
– The login screen now displays the latest ingame news message instead of a YouTube video.

New Features:
– Shortcut Shift+V for saving an image of the current minimap (without player trails)
– Use Q and E keys to quickly switch between values in some block property pop-ups.

Please restart your worlds and refresh your pages in order to use some of the new features.

See you in the worlds!
The Everybody Edits Team

End of Christmas, January update

Christmas Edition in Evereybody Edits is over, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more presents! smile

First, let’s welcome three new smileys to the energy shop: Pigtails, Doctor, and Turban!

We also have a new colorful pack for artists and builders alike: introducing the tile pack! Using this you can easily make a variety of patterns for flooring, bosses, and much more.

Beta members also get a new aura and smiley to test out for some time: A cool Hazmat Suit smiley and a special star shaped aura.

Patch: Small bug fixes

– Fixed blue Christmas lights not showing after rejoining a world
– Fixed being affected by physics blocks to the left when standing on non-rotatable halfblocks
– Fixed the ability to set the previous chat message to nothing
– Fixed duplicate smileys being added to the smiley menu
– Fixed the ability to spam the FCWIN tabs (Friends/Crews/Worlds/Inbox/News)
– Fixed false cheat detection on the ‘Christmas Town’ campaign world
– Added a ‘Random’ button next to the world key textbox (the worldkey is now also remembered)
– Removed minimap colors from the mine pack decorations

Note: worlds will need to be empty before some fixes take effect

Christmas 2016 update!

Update – December – Merry Christmas Everybody Edits!

Christmas time is here again, which means loads of new gifts! First, let's unwrap three new toy smileys: the clockwork robot, teddy bear, and Christmas soldier.
Introducing more goodies for you all in the new Christmas pack! There are plenty of gifts to give in your worlds with five colors of half-block presents, topped off with bows. Also included are multi-colored stringed lights, a bell, hollyberries, and even an animated candle! All the decorations you need to get into the Christmas spirit!

Be sure to check out the new basic-easy Christmas campaign for holiday fun and games! Can you claim the Grinch and Scrooge smileys? Note: This campaign will be live on the 24th!

In unrelated news, we've added a new free smiley: the boy. Those of you who have already purchased the new years 2015 pack might also notice there's something else in the pack now, too…